See What The Moreton Bay Region Can Offer Backpackers Like You!

See What The Moreton Bay Region Can Offer Backpackers Like You!

11 July 2018

I’m a Queenslander through and through. And in our wonderful state, we have so many landscapes and landmarks that often go unvisited because people favour the bigger attractions such as The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Airlie Beach, Fraser Island and Cairns. Don’t get me wrong, they are amazing places to visit. However, you can cruise around the Moreton Bay region and experience amazing scenery, nature, wildlife, waterways and a local lifestyle.

The great thing about this area for backpackers is that many of the experiences can be done on the cheap. Here are a few ways I recommend backpackers explore the Moreton Bay region on the cheap.


Firstly, you will need a vehicle to get around.

You need to drive to get to each location. If you have time on your side, it’s best to buy a car and then sell it at the end of your journey. If you want to save on accommodation, then you can opt for a campervan. You will need to budget $4000-10,000 for purchasing the vehicle, but you should be able to get 70% of the money back when you finish your trip.

If you are travelling for less than 4 weeks, you’ll be better off hiring a car. You can compare cheap cars for hire in Brisbane with Car Rental Buddy.


Get a taste of quaint Aussie life in Toorbul.

Camping, fishing and wandering kangaroos all in one place? That’s what Toorbul will give you. It’s a quieter area that boasts wildlife and water activities such as kayaking. You can stay at the well-equipped Toorbul Caravan Park, which ranges from $186-219 per week (but an extra $53.40 per person.

If you don’t mind staying a little further out, you can book a campsite at Coochin Creek and then make your way to Toorbul for the day. Or alternatively, stay for free at the Caboolture showgrounds.

Resource: Click here to make campsite bookings in Queensland.


Enjoy the hinterland views at Mt Mee.

You can stay at WorldsAway Retreat, which is inland in the Moreton Bay region. The campsite isn’t the cheapest at $75 per night with a 2-night minimum stay. However, the site is powered and you get access to the walking trails in the area, as well as free internet, washing and kitchen facilities. And don’t forget the amazing views.


Chillout by settlement cove lagoon.

This is a really nice chill out spot that overlooks the coastline. Relax in the free pools/lagoons offered by the council and overlook the nearby beach or walk along the jetty. There’s a basketball court in the area, so if you can also play with some of the locals. However, most people opt for a chilled out afternoon with some fish and chips.


Swim with the dolphins.

Fancy getting close to dolphins and swimming with the fishes? Dolphin Wild Island Cruises will do that for you with a day-long trip. You can snap up a deal for $95, which includes food, seeing the dolphins and exploring Moreton Island.

Click here to see more on their website.


Explore the region on a bike.

There are several shared pathways that you can use to explore the region. Both along the coastline and even going inland. You just need to own or hire a bike to enjoy the experience. The Moreton Bay council website lists the shared pathways in the area.

The Moreton Bay area offers a lot of things for backpackers to try. The best thing is that the activities and experiences won’t break the bank. So you should consider adding the Moreton Bay area to your itinerary.


Have a day trip on Moreton Island.

You can actually catch the ferry from Brisbane to Moreton Island from $18 one-way. You can make a day trip or camp out on the island for a few nights whilst overlooking the sea and getting acquainted with nature. If you happen to drive a 4WD or campervan, you can take it on the island from $75 one-way. You can find more information on the MiCat website.


Travelling around Australia isn’t the cheapest when you compare it to countries like Thailand and Cambodia, but it can be done on an affordable budget. Definitely add the Moreton Bay region to your travel itinerary and follow the tips provided so you can minimise your travel expenses.


About the author.

Peta Daniels is the founder of the car hire comparison website Car Rental Buddy and is a local in the Moreton Bay area. She loves sharing information about the region and is also on the administration board of the Moreton Bay Raptors. You can connect with her on LinkedIn