New Zealand in winter is the best. Here's why.

New Zealand in winter is the best. Here's why.

9 February 2017

1.     You can go dog sledding! New Zealand is home to some of the world’s best playgrounds for skiers and snowboarders but for the real puppy lover, UnderDog NZ have a treat for you.


2.     Most decent hostels and bars have a fireplace. Mark our words, there is no better mid winter feeling than defrosting in front of a fire with your hostel buddies after a day in the snow. Our mates at The Black Sheep Hostel, Queenstown are known to light it up mid winter. 


3.     The Tongariro Alpine Crossing looks a little something like this in the June to August months. Can’t make it to Everest? Our friends at Adrift have a pretty good substitute. 


4.     For avid Lord of the rings fans, winter truly turns New Zealand into the middle earth. You can even ride some of the horses from the movie beneath the “real” snow clad misty mountains.


5.     We’re not 100% sure how Glacier water works, all we know is that in winter, Lake Tekapo looks is actually as blue as this. Wow.


6.     Between the greenery of the New Zealand summer and the powder white of deep winter, the trees begin to turn golden autumn colours. Head to Arrowtown just outside of Queenstown for the best of the “winter is coming” feelings and that dreamy “no filter” instagram shot.

7.     The winter games are an action packed party in the snow. An endless display of pure skill, awesome DJ’s and light shows. There are fireworks, prizes and genuinely good winter vibes. 


8.     The sun sets are unreal and tend to occur earlier in winter making 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon your new favourite time of day, whoever would have thought? New Zealand winter, we love you. 


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