No East Coast Package is complete without stopping off for a Fraser Island tour - a world heritage protected paradise which is truly magical. From the crystal clear Lake McKenzie to the gleaming Champagne Pools straight off the beachfront, to the tranquil rainforests rich in history, there is so much to explore on amazing Frazing island! Sitting just off Queensland's eastern coast, Fraser Island is the world's largest sandbank, stretching over 120kms and offering sweeping views of the coast and is home to inlets, rainforests and iconic Aussie wildlife like Dingoes and Humpback Whales so keep your eyes keep for a real slice of Australia's East Coast. 

Backpackers World offers endless ways to travel through these unique landscapes. Take a day trip or drive your own 4x4 and camp beneath the stars in a Tag Along Tour or perhaps hire your very own 4x4 to do as you please! With organised packages including vehicle hire, camping permits and more, Fraser Island tours and Fraser camping packages are the best way to explore the world's largest sandbank. 

This stretch of coastline is also home to some other gems including the darling of the Sunshine Coast, Noosa, laid back Agnes Waters and chilled out Rainbow Beach. Explore them all with Backpackers World Travel. 

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