Welcome to hipster central! Don't worry - it's the good kind. The kind that means you're just as likely to stumble on a backstreet full of street art, as a deconstructed hot chocolate. This is the home of the iconic avo-latte (make of it what you will), men with beads and neighbourhoods with attitude. Soak in the city vibe, wander the parks, shop till you drop and snag some killer Instagram shots. 

Melbourne is an incredible city full of amazing culture, as well as a great departure point for the East Coast. We're talking the whole hog - Melbourne to Cairns covers the whole of Australia's iconic East Coast and leaves no beach undiscovered and no beer un-drunk. This is your Australia holiday of a lifetime. We're talking the Blue Mountain tours, Great Ocean Road trips, Sydney tours, Fraser Island camping, Noosa kayaking, Byron Bay, the Whitsundays Islands, Magnetic Island, Great Barrier Reef tours and SO much more. 

We offer a great range of flexible packages to travel the East Coast of Australia that will fit any budget, travel date, and travel style. For the short on time, opt for an express itinerary, for the 'el cheapo' traveller we've created the budget that hits all the big boys in East Coast adventure travel on a time limit, the adrenaline junkies should head for the 'ultimate' and for the backpacker that wants a bit of everything, our 'coastal cruisers' are for you. 

Have your own plans in mind? No worries. Drop us a line and we can customise your ideal package or, contact us to see how you can add an incredible Pitjantjatjara-Uluru Tours and Outback adventure onto your Melbourne to Cairns tour.

Our packages are designed to work around the Greyhound and Premier East Coast bus route times. We also do Car and Campervan Hire deals if that is more your style. Enquire Here for your free car or campervan quote!

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