Throw yourself into the cultural diversity that is South East Asia. Marvel at the scenery, sounds, and tastes that form the amazing atmosphere of the tropics all while making the most of budget travel with more bang for your buck while backpacking Asia! 

Journey to some of the world's most iconic destinations! Cruise Halong Bay, tour Thailand, explore Angkor Wat and dance the night away at a Full Moon party!  South East Asia is home to some of the most incredible cultures, delicious cuisines and exotic nature, and fascinating history the world has to offer. Whether you want blurry nights in Bangkok, lazy days in the Phi Phi islands, trekking temple complexes or drowning yourself in authentic Pad Thai, Backpackers World Travel have got all the Asia deals, tours, and packages to take you there! 

Contact Us today to begin planning your dream adventure through this amazing corner of the world. 

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