5 Experiences That Prove Western Australia Is Amazing

5 Experiences That Prove Western Australia Is Amazing

9 February 2017

Ok so we all know about the East Coast trail in Australia - the fun times between Sydney and Cairns, the surfing in Byron Bay, the 4x4 tours on Fraser Island and all the good times to be had. But have you considered Western Australia in your Aussie plans?! 

It’s half the size of Europe and has over 20,000km of coastline to explore, yet Western Australia doesn't get the trail attention that the East Coast enjoys. But to be honest that’s pretty freaking epic as it means you’ll get a more unique, calm and incredible travel experience!

Still, we’ve decided to bust the lid off the Western Australia secret and showcase 5 experiences that prove WA is an amazing place to explore, so get ready to book a flight!

Whale Sharks In Exmouth

They’re the largest fish in the world, up to 18m long but only eat microscopic plankton. Swimming with these gentle giants is an experience you’ll never forget and Exmouth in Western Australia is pretty much the only place in Oz you can do it…head over to WA between March and August!

Quokkas On Rottnest Island

The happiest looking animal on the planet! Seriously google these guys and you’ll get a huge dose of epic feels! Rottnest Island just off of Perth is the best spot to head and grab a selfie with these adorable and pretty tame little creatures!

Scuba Diving On Ningaloo

 Ok so Australia is super famous on the dive scene because of the Great Barrier Reef - but we’re going to throw it out there and say Ningaloo is actually better! Sure it’s not as famous but that also means less crowds, more marine life and epically pristine reef. If you’re stoked on diving Ningaloo will blow you away, even the snorkelling is next level!


If you’re game for an incredible road trip then Western Australia is the place for it! Hire a campervan or jump on a tour and cover the amazing coastline taking in stops like Margaret River, Freemantle, Perth, Monkey Mia, Shark Bay and Broome…it’ll be a trip you’ll never forget!

Pink Lakes, Wave Rock, Pinnacles and Shell Beaches

Yeah we know we cheated with this one and crammed in a few cheeky extra reasons but that’s all good right? Marvel at naturally pink lakes, huge rocks shaped like a wave, eerie but beautiful fields of pinnacles and totally unique beaches made of millions or tiny shells. Oh Western Australia you beautiful mystery!

Have you been to Western Australia yet? What was your favourite experience there?