Cheap Travel Guide to Sydney: See More for Less!

Cheap Travel Guide to Sydney: See More for Less!

10 August 2018


Seeing Australia on a budget is a true character building experience with an abundance of perks along the way. If you’re looking for a place where you have an adventure on a budget, Sydney is a haven for cheap travel opportunities for people of all ages. From bathing in secret beaches, to walking with wildlife, to culturally rich cuisine, it’s all here to explore. Here are our five cost-effective tips and tricks to get the best bang for your buck. 


1) Super Cheap Sunday Travel

Super Cheap Sunday Travel & Tours


Image thanks to Londerner in Sydney

Sunday journeys in Sydney are capped to $2.50 – this means that you can worry less about travel costs and more on which foods to eat and places to discover! Explore the deep forest trails of the Blue Mountains, the serene aesthetics of the Hunter Valley or perhaps take a dip in the Manly shoreline – it’s completely up to you. Take an Opal Card from any train station or most convenience store outlets and you’re geared to hop on any train, bus, and ferry. 


2) Unlock Sydney with an Attraction Pass

Unlock Sydney with an Attraction Pass


Image thanks to Viator

Beautiful, aesthetic and captivating destinations are spread all across this fun-filled city. Whether it’s the countryside, beaches, mountains or coastal towns – Sydney’s attraction diversity is what makes it a tourist magnet. Viewing these and more can be slightly hefty and cost you quite a bit of cash unless you have the key to unlocking multiple attractions at a discounted rate. Local tourism vendors such as the iVenture Card do so by giving passes that reduce your spending and increase travel. Additional perks of using such attraction passes may also include skip-the-line privileges so you’re spending less time waiting and more time having a blast! Major attractions and destinations are usually included. Yes, we’re saying; tours, trips, sightseeing excursions, theme parks, and more! Maybe you could even unlock discounted restaurant meals if you’re lucky!  


3) Free Entry Adventure

Free Entry Adventure in Sydney


Image thanks to KozyGuru

First-timers in Sydney usually tend to gravitate towards the primary Sydney events such as, the harbour bridge walk and experiencing the beautiful Opera House in all of its glory. But doing this can result in dire costs quickly and before you know it, you’re wallet will be emptier than outer space. This is where we save you. While Sydney is one of the higher-priced cities of the world, there are many free attractions for you to explore as well. There are many amazing spots to make your first day in Sydney one to remember. With Beaches such as Manly and Bondi, parks like the Royal Botanic Garden and Barangaroo Reserve, lakes like the awesome Lake Parramatta and backcountry tracks like the Lane Cove National Park Circuit, there’s more than plenty to slap into your itinerary. Plus, the Sydney weather is nice and warm for the majority of the year so there is no reason to simply stay indoors.


4) Cheap and Cheerful Eats


Cheap and Cheerful Eats in Sydney


Image thanks to the Sydney Markets

While factoring in money, why not begin with the best value deals for food? Coupon and discount sites like Spreets, Lunchalot, and Groupon advertise an abundance of valid offers and deals to use up. Whether you’re feeling like dining in luxurious restaurants or binging in buffets, last-minute discounts can all be found on such sites. However, if you’re after some low-key snacks, then don’t forget the weekend market stalls scattered around the city to delight your taste buds. While you decide – here’s some food for thought - a list of the most popular street food and markets in Sydney. Bon Appetit. 


5) Cheap Accommodation

Cheap Accommodation in Sydney


Image thanks to Agoda

Budgeting may seem like you’re restricting yourself, however the benefits can outweigh the potential setbacks. Sydney has a well-segmented niche for affordable housing with its collection of hostels and shareable dorms. Hostel life adheres to all the social aspects you’ll ever need in Sydney as it is never too far from the local action. Spending time with people within your age bracket, backgrounds and interests are more than enough to captivate in these well-priced accommodations. Seek out reviews and recommendations to help you find the hostel that best suits and caters to your expectations. For all you know, your next travel buddy can be in the very next bunk!

While Sydney is known as one of the most expensive places to live in Australia, it surprisingly has more than enough to do for the budget conscious traveller. From plenty of free stunning sights and awesome walks to budget options to see the cities major highlights you’re really spoilt for choice when it comes to bang for buck entertainment. There’s really no excuse to start building your own Sydney budget buck list, and to help you get started here are 120 ideas for things to do in Sydney for your next adventure.