10 reasons why The Great Barrier Reef needs to be on your bucket-list

10 reasons why The Great Barrier Reef needs to be on your bucket-list

9 February 2017

To be honest, you hardly need a whole ten reasons to visit this amazing natural oasis, but we'll give them to you anyway. 

1) It is the world's largest and best 

Located just off the shores of Northern Queensland, this natural playground is the world's largest living organism and the most expansive reef system...anywhere. Stretching 2,300 kilometres and covering an area roughly the size of Japan, it's needless to say that you are spoilt for choice. 

2) Swimming in crystal clear waters 

Endless summer, golden sand, and refreshing mojitos just isn't for everyone; we get it. Some people prefer overcast weather, over-brewed tea and overrated 'winter fashion' and, like a over-loyal friend, we support your decisions. But for everyone else, the crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef await.

3) It's a World Heritage destination

This reef is officially spectacular (quite literally) having been deemed a World Heritage Destination in 1981 under all four categories and being added to the Top 7 Wonders of the Natural World. You can't really get more legit then that.   

4) Coral, and lots of it.

It may not come as a shock to most of you that the World's most expansive reef plays house to quite a lot of spectacular coral. Now by 'a lot' we're talking 600 different species including 411 hard types and 1/3 of the World's soft corals, 3000 individual reefs and around 300 coral cray. Trust us when we say that the rainbow architecture formed by these beauties can keep you occupied for hours.

5) Nailing your perfect summer snap 

With over 100 islands bathed in endless blue waves and golden sands, this is the perfect place to pose for your new profile picture and also to remind your colleagues exactly why they still follow you on Instagram. 

6) Meeting local marine life 

It's not only backpackers that are lured to the beauty of the reef; 134 species of shark and rays, six of the world's most endangered sea turtle species, 3000 different varieties of molluscs and sponges, 630 types of starfish and sea urchins, 215 bird species AND over 30 species of rare marine animals including dugongs call this reef home. Did you get all that?

7) The summer tan is not optional  

Fake tanner making you look like Katy Price? Never fear, the reef is here. The tropical climate of Northern Queensland is blessed with 336 days of sunshine and an average yearly temperature of 24 degrees celsius. These conditions combined with over 100 individual islands make it the ideal place to kick back and relax. 

8) Australia's most spectacular sunsets 

Witness some of Australia's most spectacular sunsets from the deck of a boat, a beachside hammock or in a bar with friends. Either way, it doesn't come more picture-perfect then this. 

9)The proximity to Cairns 

There's no better way to end a day exploring the reef then to drag yourself back to the tropical and thriving hub that is Cairns city. Queensland's fifth largest city plays host to all the activities you would expect such as great shopping, awesome food and most importantly, a thriving nightlife. 

10) You'll regret it if you don't 

Need we say more? 

Do you want to experience all that the Great Barrier Reef has to offer?

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