8 Photos That Show Exactly Why the Philippines Should be on your Bucket List

8 Photos That Show Exactly Why the Philippines Should be on your Bucket List

29 August 2017

As an Asian country with over 7,000 islands to offer how could you pass up this destination? Traveling Asia can be intimidating at first but if you are looking for a unique, tropical getaway take a look at why traveling to the Philippines should be added to your bucket list.


1) For any and every outdoor water related activity you can imagine


2) If you want to experience some of the brightest blue water you’ve ever seen


 3) Coron is a top destination in the Philippines and for good reason, here you can visit the islands lakes and lagoons, find a Dugon, head to the safari park, or just relax on one of their pristine beaches


4) If you’ve always wanted to scuba dive or are already an experienced diver you are in the right place. There are loads of places to dive and they accommodate all levels of experience


5) The beaches here don't even need an explanation, if you want white sand, lush forest, and perfect weather then you’re set here in the Philippines


6) From cliff jumping to hiking to literally anything ocean related you’ll find loads of unique things to do here, be sure to head over to Kawasan Falls to cliff jump off the waterfall


7) Many people will go straight to the beach and stay there throughout their visit in the Philippines but if you can, take just a few hours out of your day to venture out into the rainforest for a more off the beaten path experience


8) If it’s waterfalls you’re after, you surely will not be disappointed at the selection in the Philippines, there are loads to visit and all very unique to each other. If you are out for the classic Instagram waterfall picture you are in the right place

Take a moment to reevaluate your bucket list because the Philippines may just have to be moved to the top. 


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By Sylvia Spanos