5 Reasons Why You Should Travel By Campervan With Your Lover

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel By Campervan With Your Lover

23 January 2019


Author: Riwka Mevissen


Thinking about travelling Australia together with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Don’t think any longer and start this adventure as a couple! This is definitely something you want to do as a couple and it will bring both of you even closer together.

1) Getting closer

Before traveling to Australia, you will have to plan the whole trip together. Where do you want to go? Traveling the East Coast, the West Coast or rather the Outback? How much time do you have? How much money? What do you want to see together? Planning all these things together is a rewarding challenge for the both of you. It is so much fun to think about all the amazing things you are going to see together. Just wait until it gets real!

2) Share experiences

Sharing the unique way of travelling with the Spaceships Campervan will give you so many memories. It is hard to describe but only people who tried to travel this kind of way will understand. Navigating through Australia, looking for camp spots or finding hidden beaches (or a place to shower). You and your partner will be able to share these and more amazing experiences together.

3) Explore different sides

You will get to know your partner so much better when sharing your cozy campervan. Sleeping in limited space, cooking with basic facilities and chit chatting while driving will add an extra dimension to your relationship. You might fight about little things at the start, but you will find your ways and appreciate each other’s habits more and more. Spending your time together while traveling with campervan will open new doors of love and trust me, you will not regret it!

4) Starry skies

One of the big advantages with the Spaceships Campervans is definitely the fact that you can see the starry skies before falling asleep. Open up the curtains and look up. Australia has so many romantic places where you can see the star skies so clearly. Opening up a bottle of wine, making a campfire and falling asleep after a day of exploring... what else can you wish for as a couple?

5) Car-aoke

Most importantly, traveling by campervan together with your lover will improve your singing skills as a couple. Since you will be spending so much time together on the road, you will start singing along with the radio or your own playlist. You will connect memories to songs and places. This whole campervan trip will be so much fun (unless one of you has a horrible voice, but even a horrible voice will be a delight) and it will bring amazing memories.


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