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Australia / Adelaide & Surrounds / Port Lincoln and Shark Diving Tours
2 Days

Great White Shark Cage Diving + Swim With Sea Lions Package - Adventure Bay Charters

Port Lincoln


  • 1 full day Great White Sharks 
  • All equipment 
  • One full day Sea Lion encounter trip
  • Awesome and experienced guides 



Experience a chance to see the legendary Great White Shark in its natural habitat. Embark on a day tour, which will take approximately 10-12 hours depending on sightings and conditions. Cruise through the Thorny Passage to where you can expect to see sightings of dolphins and local sea birds. It takes approximately 2.5hours of cruising before reaching the Neptune Islands, home of the Great White Shark.

When the Sharks arrive you can choose to take a splash and get into the cage to actually swim with these endangered species or stay dry in the world’s first Aqua Sub for an additional underwater access fee of $125. This additional fee includes; 7mm Wetsuit, booties, hood, gloves, mask, and a Hookah Dive Set Up, cage and sub access. All dives are surface dives using “hookah” (surface air supply) meaning no cumbersome air tanks! You will only be 2-4 feet below the surface at all times and free to surface at any time. Dives are generally 45 minutes, there is no Scuba Diving experience required. We will provide you with training on the day!

During the day see the action from the vessel – take pictures, enjoy lunch and relax on the water! Once everyone has had a chance to get into the cage we will return to the Port Lincoln Marina.

Please note: You may not return until 7 or 8 pm that evening, however we do return earlier if possible.

Nervous about jumping in the cage? No Worries, we recommend that you bring the essentials for cage diving. Then if you can't resist jumping in the cage, you are already prepared. Just pay the $125 underwater access fee on the day.



Set off on an unforgettable underwater adventure here in beautiful Port Lincoln. These fascinating puppy dogs of the sea will welcome you to the crystal clear waters of Seal Cove. Watch them as they bound out to the boat with excitement to begin their awaited performance. These inquisitive sea mammals will engage you in their underwater production. Somersaults, back flips, and graceful swirls will fascinate and amaze you! The leaps and twists out of the water right in front of you - truly electrifying! Join the Australian Sea Lion and become part of their underwater playground! This ultimate package is inclusive of mask, snorkel, wetsuit and fins!



Arrive at the departure lounge located at 2 South Quay Boulevard, Port Lincoln Marina, at 7.45am. The half day tour departs at 8:00am.

Cruise for 1.5 hours to the stunning Hopkins Island, home of these adorable ‘puppy dogs’ of the sea. On your journey enjoy hot coffee and a light breakfast, as you hear interesting tales of hardship and misfortune that have occurred along this rugged coastline.

By around 10.30am we drop anchor in Seal Cove and it’s time to get fitted with 7mm wetsuits and a mask. Now it’s time for some fun!

The inquisitive and playful sea lions are always ready for a game and potentially a kiss on the cheek. Whether observing from the boat or joining the action in the water there is fun all round. 

It’s time to dry off and enjoy a hot drink and morning tea, as we make our journey home. As the tour comes to an end around 12.30pm, we pull up to the pontoon just in time for lunch!

Pickups / Departures

Departs/Ends from Port Lincoln, South Australia. Open date tickets please give 2 days notice to book. All bookings MUST reconfirm 48hrs in advance to ensure weather is conducive and minimum numbers are met.

The boat picks up guests from the departure lounge at our office. 2 South Quay Blvd, Port Lincoln Marina. Return transportation from selected local accommodation is available. 

Sea Lion Tour starts at 7:45 am. Returns at 12:30 pm. Great White Shark Cage Diving tour starts at 6:30 am. Returns approximately 12 hours later.


Observers can upgrade to underwater access on the day of shark tour for $125.00. This includes either diving in the Cage or entering our Aqua Sub. Payable on board.

Upgrade includes: Mask, snorkel, wetsuit, gloves, hood, Cage Access or Aqua Sub access.

**All underwater access fees are refundable on the day if sharks are unsighted or at the skippers discretion **

  • Cash and Credit Card Facilities available.
  • Our licensed bar will be open so you can purchase alcoholic beverages on board once water activities have ceased for the day!
  • Merchandise available for purchase

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Great White Shark Cage Diving + Swim With Sea Lions Package - Adventure Bay Charters

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