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New Zealand / North Island
1 Day

Auckland Skyjump - AJ Hackett



  • Jump off a perfectly good tower to fall 192 metres towards the ground
  • Fun for almost all ages, we have no maximum age – in fact our oldest jumper to date is a 100 year old woman!
  • With SkyJump, you fall in a super hero style flying position, there is no hanging around upside down or bouncing around. You fall fast and smooth, and land on your feet at the bottom
  • Family and friends can watch for free at the base of the tower



SkyJump can be described as Base Jumping while attached to a wire. It’s just like being a movie stuntman, or a super hero, or a very big bird! It’s different to bungy jumping. You’ll fall very fast (approx 85kph) for around 11 seconds, and then come to a smooth landing in Sky City plaza below. If it’s a fine day you might get a round of applause from the crowds enjoying the sun in the plaza.

  • Perfect for young and old, minimum age of 10, and no maximum age!
  • Our jump masters are rigorously trained and always operate in teams.
  • SkyJump is OSH approved and completely safe.
  • Photo and video package available.
  • Do it all over again for only $75!

Pickups / Departures

It’s hard to miss really, just look for the tallest building in central Auckland (the one that looks like a needle) and head towards it!

Located in central Auckland the SkyTower is within easy walking distance of the Central Business District on the corner of Federal and Victoria Streets. Both SkyJump and SkyWalk include a FREE SkyTower pass giving you access to the remainder of the tower after your activity. Skywalk operates every 15mins between 10:15am-12:45pm & 2:00pm-4:30pm. SkyJump operates every 15mins between 10:15am-12:30pm & 2:00pm-5:15pm. Both options operate daily except Christmas Day. Once you reach the Sky Tower, our reception is located downstairs, underground in the base of the Sky Tower, so take the escalators DOWN, turn right when you get to the bottom of the escalators , follow the signs for SkyJump/SkyWalk and check in at reception.



We have a photo and video USB package available for purchase after your jump.

Our SkyJump Masters will attach a GoPro camera to your wrist before heading out on the SkyJump platform. This records your jump from start to finish. It’s really up to you whether you wish to record the look on your face as you throw yourself off a perfectly good tower, the stunning views of Auckland, or whether you choose just to forget about it and fling your arms out in sheer joy to get a mixture of the two. The video also has sound so maybe keep that in mind if you want children to relive the SkyJump with you! The photos consist of a shot on the platform of you with your best super fake confident grin, and one photo of you mid-air at the beginning of your jump.

The price for the USB package is $65 (all digital photos and movie file on the USB plus the two printed photos). If you just wish to purchase the two printed photos this will cost $30.



  • Child Age: Min 10 years
  • Weight: Max 122 kgs
  • Medical Considerations: People with heart problems should consult their physician. We apologise, but pregnant women are unable to SkyJump for the health and safety of you, and your unborn child.
  • Clothing requirements: All you need is comfortable clothing and lace up shoes. We’ll kit you up in the extremely saucy SkyJump flying suit and full body harness. As much as you’ll look like a superhero you won’t have any superhuman strength/spidey toes to hold on loose-fitting footwear and we don’t want to see your jandals flying over Auckland city or hitting innocent pedestrians, so if you do happen to forget your lace up shoes we have some spare shoes you can borrow.

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Auckland Skyjump - Aj Hackett

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