Tipping in Australia: A Complete Guide

Tipping in Australia: A Complete Guide

12 September 2017

All around the world there are countries where tipping is not just encouraged, it’s expected. This is because tipping is often taken into consideration by employers when setting wages. Australia is different. Because staff are paid well, tipping isn’t even thought about. If you’re heading to Australia and you’re not sure what to do, here’s one handy rule: 


You Don’t Have to Tip.


 That’s it. Blog over.

Just kidding. If you’re still wondering about certain situations where you might need to tip, we’ve got you covered below (and my boss says I’ve got to write more than 60 words). 


Tipping in Australia: Hotels

Most hotels in other countries expect you to tip, with so many people serving you during your stay it can be difficult to work out who to tip and how much to tip. Luckily in Australia we like to keep it easy, so here’s a good rule for tipping: 


You Don’t Have to Tip. 



Tipping in Australia: Restaurants

Let’s set the situation. You’re having a nice dinner with friends, it’s coming to an end and everyone starts the classic ritual of trying to work out how to split the bill. Once everyone has worked out who’s paying for what you realise that you’ve forgotten to add the tip. Luckily you’re in Australia where:


You Don’t Have to Tip. 



Tipping in Australia: Cafes/Bars

You’re probably already getting sick of this so we’re going to keep it short and sweet. Like a smooth old fashioned or a shot of peach schnapps. If you’re at an Aussie pub, bar or cafe: 


You Don’t Have to Tip. 



Tipping in Australia: Taxis

If you’re in a major city we recommend you just grab an uber. However if you do find yourself in the seat of a banana yellow ford falcon awkwardly avoiding small talk here’s what to do when it comes to tipping at the end of your ride: 


You Don’t Have to Tip. 


Hairdressers/ Masseuses

 Tipping in Australia: Hairdressers/ Masseuses

Maybe you’re in dire need of a haircut, or maybe you’ve had a hard day cruising the Whitsundays and need a well deserved massage. We get it. But if you’re lying there stressing about how much to tip relative to how good the massage was here’s a good rule:


You Don’t Have to Tip.


On a more serious note

When it comes to tipping in Australia, it’s not expected and almost nobody does it, which is great because now you don’t have to whip out the phone calculator and work out what was 10% of that chicken sandwich.

The only exception is if you’re at a bar, restaurant, cafe or really any service industry and you really enjoyed the service, then go ahead and chuck them anywhere from a couple bucks to a $20 note. They’ll appreciate you for it.