The Truth About Couples Who Travel

The Truth About Couples Who Travel

9 February 2017


We've all seen those couples on Instagram who post idyllic travel photos together all over the world. The way these couples present themselves on social media, makes it hard to imagine their life is anything short of perfect.

But that is not the case.

As we ourselves are a travelling couple, we thought we'd share some common misconceptions people have about couples who travel.


1. We Are Always All Loved Up

We Are Always All Loved Up

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This is probably the biggest one of them all. Everybody looks at us on our adventures and assumes that we are having an awesome time without troubles. Well guess what, that’s false. Couples aren’t immune to arguments and we’ve had our fair share of petty quarrels on our adventures.


 2. We Are Boring People

We Are Boring People

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Another big contender amongst these, just because we are a couple does not mean we do not like to party! We like to have fun just as much as any regular single person. Shots anyone?


3. We Only Want To Travel Together

We Only Want To Travel Together

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"No third wheels allowed" couldn't be any further from the truth. As much as we love each others company we also love to do road trips with our friends & fellow travellers, and picking up the occasional hitchhiker along the way (as long as they don't look like they want to kill us).


4. We Don't Like To Make New Friends

 We Don't Like To Make New Friends

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As a couple, we do get tired of each others company after spending 24 hours with each other for months on end. We try to make as many friends as we can throughout our travels. After all, that is one of the best parts of travelling - meeting new & interesting people from different corners of the world. Making friends is essential when travelling, so that we don’t end up killing each other! 


5. We Want To Do Everything Together

We Want To Do Everything Together

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Yes, we are a couple, and yes we travel together. And we love it. But being two different people, we have two different sets of interests. There’s only so much sunbathing one guy can take before he gets bored. Sometimes we want to do separate things, and thats ok. So long as we support each others interests, and plan our trips properly, we can both get what we want out of travel.

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