The Best Spots to Skydive in Australia

The Best Spots to Skydive in Australia

6 September 2019

Image thanks to Greyhounds

Oh, humans. What an interesting bunch of creatures we are. Ever since the big, looming dangers of life slowly began to fade away we’ve searched endlessly for activities to spice things up a bit. Activities with the ever present thrill of running up to death's door, knocking, and then running away like a cheeky 10 year old. We’ve come up with all sorts of ways to live on the edge. Bungy jumping, bull fighting, running from bulls (we’re looking at you Pamplona) hangliding, cave diving, parkour, and of course the classic throwing yourself out of a plane and hoping the parachute opens, skydiving.

Although in theory skydiving is a terrible experience that nobody should endure these days it’s much safer - more akin to an extreme roller coaster at Disney. In fact, when it comes to tandem skydiving there’s only been a 0.002 fatalities per 1000 jumps on average over the past 10 years. You are more likely to die being stung by a bee or struck by lightning. When choosing where to jump it comes down to one major factor. Scenery. Skydiving is easily the best way to see the area from above, and the better the place looks the better your experience. If you don’t know where to take the leap of faith we’ve got you covered.

Mission Beach

Mission Beach Skydiving

Image thanks to Experience Oz

Australian Skydive locations tend to favour beaches. And when it comes to beaches, this is one of the best. While you won’t be doing HALO jumps like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Fallout, you will be doing one of the best jumps Australia has to offer. Once you’ve recovered from the shock of throwing yourself out of a plane from 15,000ft you get some pretty spectacular panoramic views. Look out at 14km of pristine white sandy beaches, lush tropical rainforest, tropical islands, and the Great Barrier Reef. All in one view. All while falling at 200km/hr. If you’re in the area make it your mission to give this one a try.

Want to skydive at mission beach? Check out our skydive here.

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road Tours

Image thanks to Skydive Australia

If you’re not in the Tropical North Queensland area the Great Ocean Road might be more your style. Jump out of a plane over the picturesque Great Ocean Road and get amazing views of the coast, as well as Port Phillip Bay and potentially even as far as Melbourne! Once you jump you’ll fall from 15,000ft at full speed while seeing some spectacular coastal scenery. The Great Ocean Road is easily one of Victoria’s best skydives.


Skydive Australia

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Not a fan of the sun? Do you prefer a darker setting while you feel like you’re falling to your death? Are you a vampire who’s always wanted a skydive experience? Then head to Cairns, one of the few places in Australia that features night skydive. Feel like you’re on a top secret mission, diving into enemy territory, all while getting 360° views of the Cairns City lights twinkling in the distance.

Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach Skydiving

Image thanks to Barrier Reef Dive Travel

A jump over the stunning Whitsundays. If you’re in the area this is easily one of the most beautiful skydives you can do. Get amazing views of the islands that dot the Whitsundays along with the deep blue waters and sparkling sands of the Great Barrier Reef all while feeling completely terrified as you fall over 200km/hr from up to 15000ft. 

Fraser Island

Fraser Island Skydiving

Image thanks to RedBalloon

Was a beach landing high on the list for your next skydive? What if we could guarantee it 100% of the time? Welcome to Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island, where everywhere is essentially the beach. Fall from up to 15,000ft and get views over Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay, and of course, the ever famous Fraser Island. The best bit is, after you land you can head out and explore this amazing island. Check out places like Indian Head, Lake McKenzie, Maheno Shipwreck and maybe even spot a dingo or two.

Looking to jump onto Fraser? Check out our Fraser Island Skydive here.


Uluru Tours

Image thanks to Journey Era

The beach seems to be a theme with many Australian skydives. But if you’re sick of the sun, sea, and sand, we’ve gone from sand to well… even more sand! But this skydive is different. It’s a skydive that’ll make you think, this Ayers Rocks. Fall from 12,000ft above the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and get the best view of this natural wonder of the world. Hands down. And if you’re after something even more special, there’s the chance to do a sunset skydive, so you can go down at the same time the red sun does over the dusty, ochre coloured Aussie outback.

Indoor VR Skydiving

Indoor VR Skydiving

Image thanks to adrenaline

If you’re not feeling up to jumping out of a plane at 15,000ft (we can’t blame you) but still want a skydiving experience then head over to iFly. With locations in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth they’re pretty easy to get to. But if you’re not keen on compromise on the view iFly has you covered with VR skydiving. Always get the best scenery on your “skydive” while still remaining as close to the ground as possible. The best bit? You can do multiple dives without paying out the nose like you would for the real thing.