The 5 Best Things About Living In Australia

The 5 Best Things About Living In Australia

6 March 2017

By Lindy Hendriks

Who doesn’t want to live in the land Down Under? It is like a complete dream, with the beautiful nature and lovely people. Wherever you go, you will feel at home!

Here are the top 5 things about living in Australia!

1. The relaxed lifestyle

The saying that Australians are laidback and way more relaxed is very true! With Melbourne as the most livable city in the world, it can be said that life is just so easy and good here. The wages are much higher than Europe, and the people around you are not afraid to help you find your way or lend you a hand with some heavy groceries. Everyone is happy (I think the weather helps with that as well) and enjoying life every single second of the day. You will fully understand and believe me when you get here ;)

2. Wildlife & Nature

Did you know that there are more kangaroos in Australia than people? And that is not a lie! Wildlife can be found everywhere on this massive island, whether it is a huge spider in your room (been there done that) or a wild koala in the treetops. Australia is also home of the smallest penguins that exist. You can spot these little guys on Philip Island where they will get out of the sea at sunset to go back home again, although that can be extremely scary for these little creatures.

3. Barbeque everywhere!

Everywhere around Australia there are public barbeques, also known as ‘barbie’, for everyone to use for free! How amazing is that?! They are located in all the nice parks around the cities and it is always a perfect place to hang out with your friends. It is also a great example which shows how laidback and relaxed the Australians are. So throw your snags on the barbie and enjoy your day!

 4. Pools in the ocean!

Bondi Beach in Sydney is well known from the Baywatch movie, but you know what? It has a swimming pool right in the ocean! Who even thinks of that? Apart from this, the beach is beautiful and just a boat ride away from the big and busy city of Sydney! Do you see yourself already lying on the beach after your work?


 5. Diversity

With so many Aussies born overseas, Australia is an extremely multicultural society. Much attention is given to celebrate all the different cultures. The Chinese New Year has just been celebrated hugely! Each year the diversity is celebrated on Harmony Day.

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