Our Offical Pick For The 10 Hottest Destinations in the Southern Hemisphere for 2018

Our Offical Pick For The 10 Hottest Destinations in the Southern Hemisphere for 2018

30 January 2018

2018 is the year for travel. The year to find yourself, immerse your entire body into another culture or adventure to unknown lands. The Southern Hemisphere is calling to be visited this year, but where is worth spending your money? Here are our top ten picks for your sensational sightseeing adventures.


  1. Palawan, The Philippines

When most people think of Southeast Asia they dream of Thailand or Bali, but have you ever considered The Philippines? Palawan is a stunning untouched region, with turquoise water, meeting high rock formations. Spend your time snorkelling the amazing reefs or hiking in the jungle.  Palawan will make the most amazing background for your instagram photos so back your flippers and get ready for the trip of a lifetime.


2. Mantaray Island, Fiji

If the Philippines isn’t quite up your alley, how about staying on secluded Island in the Pacific? Experience the wonder of feeding native manta rays at sunrise and enjoy a romantic sunset dinner. Manta Island is nestled off the coast of the main island of Fiji, and takes only a short time by boat to get to. Stay in this hidden paradise and sleep in your own private Bure (Fiji hut).



3. Uluru, Australia

If you are searching for something different than you’ve ever experienced then Uluru is your dream destination. Located in the Red Centre (literally) of the Australian Desert, and really should be added as the 8th Natural Wonder of the World! This giant rock stands tall at 860 metres above sea level, therefore making it taller than both the Eiffel Tower and the Chrysler Building. Uluru, is home to a number of native indigenous Australians who have inhabited the area for 30,000 years. Tick Uluru and the Red Centre off your bucket list this year!


4. Franz Josef Glacier, South Island, New Zealand

Now if you are dreaming of that winter vacation, do not worry, New Zealand has got your back because Franz Josef is frozen solid all year round! New Zealand’s South Island boasts some of the most amazing natural scenes in the Southern Hemisphere! Franz Josef Glacier should be on every travellers bucket list, as its amazing ice formations are remarkable. Due to the positioning at sea level, Franz Josef Glacier is one of the few glacier actually accessible to travellers.



5. Fraser Island, Australia

Located off the coast of Queensland, Fraser Island is the only island in the world to be listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Known as the largest sand island in the world, Fraser is home to a number of Australian wildlife such as Koalas and Dingos. Spend your days in a 4 x 4 going over the sand dunes and night camping out under the stars. Swim in Lake Mackenzie and experience a true piece of untouched Australia.


6. Northern Thailand, Thailand

Most people think of the ever popular Phi Phi island when considering travelling to Thailand, but how about exploring Northern Thailand? Wander through ancient temples, and immerse yourself in a traditional thai village. Zipline over the rainforest and swim under waterfalls. The opportunities are endless in Thailand, so what are you waiting for?


7. Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Probably the most famous natural landscape of Australia is the Great Barrier Reef. Experience the wonder of the reef on the Whitsunday Islands in Far North Queensland. Snorkel through the reefs and see the amazing marine life on offer! Spend your afternoons laying on the famous Whitehaven beach and your nights sailing around the Islands, just like Croatia only better!


8. Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand

Soak yourself in the amazing New Zealand bubbling mud pools. Relax in the hot springs of Rotorua for a truly once in a lifetime experience. If something more adventurous is more up your alley, then experience whitewater rafting down the rapids, or explore the native Maori culture. Explore the area on push bike, as you tick another destination off that bucket list.



9. Great Ocean Road, Australia

If you are seeking a scenic drive, there is none more scenic than that of the Great Ocean Road located in the Southern state of Victoria. With over 240 kilometers of natural beauty, see the amazing Twelve Apostles statue and the Memorial Arch along your journey. This amazing road journey between two amazing cities, Melbourne and Adelaide is a must do. If you have a bit of time, spend a night on Phillip Island and watch as the baby penguins walk across the sandy shores of this amazing natural beauty.


10. Blue Mountains, Australia

If you are searching for fantastic mountain ranges, than look no further than the Blue Mountains. Located just an hour out of Sydney, the Blue Mountains are home to the Three Sister Ranges and some of the most amazing views New South Wales has to offer. Take a ride on the world steepest railway, and spend your afternoons swimming under the local waterfalls. Take a trip to the Australia’s version of the Grand Canyon and you won’t regret it.


It’s almost the end of January leaving only 11 months left of travel, so why not get started on some of the greatest adventures you will ever have! Take inspiration from our list of the 10 hottest destinations in the Southern Hemisphere and reignite your travel bug.