8 Travel Instagram’s You Need To Follow Right Now

8 Travel Instagram’s You Need To Follow Right Now

16 January 2018

10 years ago people would tune into their television once a week, as a way to gain travel inspiration. These days all you have to do is scroll through Instagram or punch a few words into Google and there is an overwhelming number of travel bloggers. Long gone are the days people would turn to their local newspaper for inspiration, now we rely on technology to give us our travel envy. So who are the best ones to follow? Here are 8 of our favourite travel Bloggers who just have a way of tapping into that Wanderlust. 


1. Backpacking Matt (@backpackingmatt)

Being raised in Iowa, Matt was chasing something different. He avoided the 9-5 job that was calling him back home and booked a one-way ticket to New Zealand and has never looked back. His blog features stories on the beautifully untouched country he now calls home, and provides his loyal Instagram followers with some major travel envy. He also understands the mind of a backpacker and writes about adventures to suit any budget!

2.  Daniel Thomas (@danieldhthomas)

South Australia Daniel shares his love of travel with everyone. Although he does not actually “blog” per se his photography is second to none. With the ability to make anyone want to travel, Daniel thrives on images of natural landscapes. His most recent trip included destinations such as Patagonia and New Zealand. Once you see his pictures you won’t be able to look away.

3. Don’t Forget To Move (@dontforget2move)

Jules and Christine are a couple who run a travel blog based around travel and volunteering. If you are searching for inspiration in the voluntourism industry, these guys are your go-to! Jules, an Aussie and Christine, a Yank met whilst volunteering in Peru in 2012. Since then the couple have been spreading their love of travel and giving back, whilst maintaining a fantastic blog. Check out our responsible travel options too!  Definitely check them out, you won’t regret it.


4. WanderloveWorld (@wanderloveworld)

Jess and Julie had what some would call a quarter life crisis. We travel thirsty readers would call this “an adventure”! Not only did they quit their jobs and move continents, but they also started this blog and with it, a passion for the unknown.  They understand that small wins can really help a backpacker travelling, because they are backpackers themselves!


5. Backpacker Banter (@backpackerbanter)

Chris hails from the United Kingdom, but spends his time travelling the globe. His favourite places to go are New Zealand, The Philippines and Australia (particularly Byron Bay, which just so happens to be where our head office is!).  Chris loves to share his travels, and frequently blogs his journeys.


6. Drifting Duo (@thedriftingduo)

These two gorgeous Aussies will have you wanting to globetrot in no time! They are extremely versatile in their destination choices, and combine that with their fantastic imagery you’ve got a match made in heaven. Everytime their pictures show up on instagram, you’ll be wanting to jump on skyscanner and find the cheapest flight deals.


7. The Little Backpacker (@littlebckpacker)

Jodie thrives on travel. As a fellow backpacker, she understands the need to travel on a budget. With some great tips, and plenty of destinations under her belt, it’s no surprise that she makes this list. She loves to share her favourite travel tips, so why not give her a follow?


8. Mapping Megan (@mappingmegan)

This blog has two geniuses behind it - Megan, an Aussie and her husband Mike - a photographer. The two met whilst on solo trips through Tanzania and have both been to all seven continents of the world! With Megan’s flair for words, and Mike's fantastic photography you will fall in love with both their stories and them as people.

Backpacking can be super overwhelming. Where to start? What to include? The possibilities are endless. So next time you are dreaming of wanderlust, hit up one of these bloggers and decide where your next adventure begins!