8 Travel Instagram’s You Need To Follow Right Now

8 Travel Instagram’s You Need To Follow Right Now

16 January 2018


It’d be safe to say Instagram has completely changed how we travel. 10 years ago people would tune into their television once a week, as a way to gain travel inspiration. These days all you have to do is scroll through Instagram or punch a few words into Google and there is an overwhelming number of travel bloggers. Long gone are the days when people would turn to their local newspaper or go out of their way for a travel mag, now we rely on technology to give us our travel envy. So who’s worth your time? Here’s a few of our favourite people that will give you some crazy wunderlust.


1. Flying the Nest

Flying the Nest 

Image thanks to @Stephenparry

Technically this is two instagrams, but Aussie couple Jessica and Stephen Parry aka Flying the Nest are both top of the line insta’s. Stephen tends to like doing this face in photos and his teeth are rarely seen. Does he even have teeth at all? If you dive deep into his photo’s turns out he does. We’re not sure if it’s on purpose or if he has really thin lips. Either way they’ve got some amazing photos of them doing all sorts of fun stuff around the world like becoming a Rainbow in the Rajasthan colour run. Their youtube is channel is pretty great as well, definitely worth a look. 10/10, like and subscribe every time. 


2. Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate

Image thanks to @karaandnate

Another great travel couple. This time it’s Kara and Nate, a couple of Americans who decided to do what almost all of has dreamt of. Drop everything and go to as many countries as possible. They’ve been going since 2016 and as of writing this blog, they’re currently at #91, Vietnam. They’ve even got a really great youtube channel which is where you should really be checking them out. They upload quality content pretty regularly, so if you’re looking for some wanderlust vibes, here you go.


3. David Guttenfelder

David Guttenfelder<vvv

Image thanks to David Guttenfelder

David is great, he’s a photojournalist for National Geographic (which honestly is kind of cheating here) who, on his instagram, only takes photos using his phone. With stunning images like these it goes to show you don’t need a $5,000 Canon 5D MK IV to get a great shot. Compared to the standard travel instagram his photos are a bit more serious and almost all of them tell a story, all while being beautiful at the same time.


4. The Bucket List Family

The Bucket List Family

Image thanks to The Bucket List Family

Easily the cutest account on this list. The Bucket List Family made the commitment to sell everything and travel the world. The family of 5 set off in 2015 and haven’t stopped since. They’re instagram features pictures of their incredibly cute kids travelling all over the world. We’re pretty sure everyone is jealous of these kids, they’ve been to more places before turning 10 than most people will go in their lives.


5. National Geographic

National Geographic

Image thanks to Nat Geo Travel

National Geographic is the gold standard when it comes to photos from around the world, and their Nat Geo Travel instagram is proof of this. The profile gathers photos from around the world from some of National Geographics photographers bringing some of the best stuff the world of travel instagram has to offer. If you’re looking for some serious wanderlust then look no further.


6. California Through My Lens

California Through My Lens

Image thanks to California Through My Lens

Josh from California Through My Lens is a bit more specific in their focus, but we’ll be damned if these photos aren’t spectacular. The instagram focuses on, well, California and all its diversity. From giant mountains to enormous cities, from sidewalks to snowfields to seas, it’s all captured in this amazing account. If you’re even thinking of heading to California (you should) this is one of the best ways to find some travel inspiration.


7. Indigo Traveller

Indigo Traveller

Image thanks to Nick

There’s two words to describe Nick’s instagram. Good. Vibes. This travel blogger from New Zealand adventures around lesser known parts of the world and brings them to light. Currently he’s at 78 countries and 6 continents. He’s also got a youtube channel. It’s pretty great.


8. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet

Image thanks to Lonely Planet

An instagram from another heavy hitter. We’re secretly big fans of Lonely Planet. Their website and guides for almost every country/city are always a great spot to start if you don’t know what to do where you’re going. Their instagram is equally as good featuring mostly beautiful scenic shots of beautiful places, almost all of their photos are paired with a story so you can delve deeper into the background of the place for double the wanderlust.


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Backpacking can be super overwhelming. Where to start? What to include? The possibilities are endless. So next time you are dreaming of wanderlust, hit up one of these bloggers and decide where your next adventure begins!