11 Essential Apps For Backpackers

11 Essential Apps For Backpackers

15 March 2017



Be your own little travel agency and organize all of your travel plans in one place. Simply send your email confirmations of flights, hostels, tours etc. to plans@tripit.com and theapp will create your own personal master plan. Your flight is delayed or your Gate changed? - Tripit will inform you. 




Just in case you’re standing in front of the Sydney Opera House and forgot what this building is all about - this app will help you. Aim the camera at the unknown subject, scan it and it well give you some information about e.g. special places, buildings, sights and much more. As it is an app of the Wikipedia-family there won’t be a question it cannot answer.




When you are in a new city and got lost (again) this app gives you a good orientation. Download offline maps and use the navigation tool without wasting precious internet data. This way you’ll always find your way back to your hostel. Or the club.




No toilets in sight? Sometimes it has to be fast and your hygiene demands decrease - especially when you might have had a little too much of that delicious goon. In this situation the app shows you the nearest toilets which are also grouped in the categories “sit” and “squat”. I think that speaks for itself.




It doesn’t matter where in the world you are - this app guides you the way to the restaurant with the best dishes. It’s not about restaurant reviews but delicious dishes, where you can find them and what’s good in the restaurant you’re at. The pictures other users post on the app are pure food porn!




A good way to make the goon taste better. Grab some people and have a fun night with this drinking game. You can build teams and have an epic battle or you play everyone against everyone. The app will tell you what you have to do. Be prepared!




You’re a backpacker, not a stranded person on a lonely island - and you don’t want to feel like that. WifiFinder shows you every available and free Internet Hot Spot in your surroundings. Keep that Snapchat story going!




This app gives you all the information about the weather you need to know. Temperature forecast, likelihood of rain, wind speed - you can perfectly plan your next tanning session.




Seriously the best trip planner that helps you get from A to B worldwide. It finds out different transportation connections and offers a list of bus, train, ferry, flight or self-drive options. 

Trail Wallet


We know it’s hard to live on a budget but this app makes it a little bit easier. Track your daily budget and expenses and have an overview of  where your money goes. Trail Wallet supports over 218 local currencies, you can organize your spending by categories and much more. This way the shock when seeing your bank account at the end of your travels won’t be too big. 



Travello Icon

Possibly the most vital backpacker app of all! Travello is a travel social network, connect with like-minded travellers from over 180 countries on the app.

It’s perfect for anyone wanting to connect with other travellers in any destination or even for travellers just wanting to ask for advice and tips, whats on and events they are thinking of going to or just to get recommendations from our real world travel guide community. 



Words by Melanie Ludewigt