Looking for things to do in South Australia? There are heaps of amazing experiences and sights for you to explore on a trip to South Australia & Adelaide!

South Australia is home to some of the very best wildlife experiences Australia. Walk amongst the seals on Kangaroo Island, cage dive with Great White Sharks, swim with dolphins, tuna, and sea lions - the chance to actually interact with wildlife in their natural habitats is definitely not one to miss and one of the best things to do in South Australia!

It’s also a pretty cool destination for your outback tour to begin! Feel the red dirt beneath your feet in the Flinders Ranges and experience Australia’s only underground town of Coober Pedy!

South Australia is famous for its world-class food and wine. Explore the Barossa Valley and taste the amazing wine produced there. Try one of the amazing restaurants or cafes in Adelaide City Centre.
There is so much to do here! So give South Australia a try! You won’t be disappointed.