If there's one this the Australian East Coast does incredibly well, it's beautiful beaches, and with beautiful beaches comes surf! Keen to learn the ropes but don't know where to start? A surf camp is an ideal introduction to the world of surfing in Australia. 

In dreamy destination's such as Spot X and Byron Bay, a few nights spent at a surf camp with expert instructors and fellow adventurous travellers will have you riding the waves of the East Coast in no time! 

Backpackers World Travel offer amazing deals on surf camp's throughout the coast. Sunshine by day and bon fires by night. What are you waiting for? Book your East Coast surf camp Backpackers World today! 

5 Day Great Aussie Surf Adventure - Mojosurf

Get the ultimate Australian lifestyle experience when you spend the week learning to shred Aussie waves, meet new people, party of golden beaches and cruise your way up Australia's stunning coastline on the ultimate surf adventure from Sydney to Byron Bay. 




Experience New Zealand's best surfing spot with a lesson like no other! Get wet, wipe out, and have fun with a qualified and friendly surf instructor as you attempt to 'hang ten!'

From $65


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Sydney Day Trip Surf Adventure - Mojosurf

Mojosurf run the ultimate surf school near Sydney, if you want top give surfing a try then jump on board for days surf adventure. Small groups, uncrowded perfect waves, beautiful beach and they’ll even have you back for in time for happy hour.

From $99


Weekend Surf Camp to Spot X 2D/2N - Mojosurf

Escape the city and learn to surf at one of the worlds most pristine and uncrowded beaches while experience just what the laid-back, Aussie way of life is all about. Hit up exclusive surf spots and learn from the pros on this inclusive surf camp to 'Spot X'. 

From $220


Surf & Stay at Spot X - Mojosurf

Get off the beaten track and head to the secret surf location of 'Spot X' where you can experience stunning coastline, good times and discover what the Aussie way of life is all about.

From $225


Byron Bay Surf & Stay - Mojosurf

No matter how you’re traveling our Surf & Stays are a perfect way to spend your time in Byron. Spend your days learning to surf on some of Australia’s perfect beaches, and then hang at the camp or party the night away in Byron’s bars and clubs.    

From $280


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7 Day/6 Night Livin' The Dream - Mojosurf

Split your time between Mojosurf Camps Spot X and Byron Bay. Get in touch with the real Australia surf culture on this epic week long surfing adventure. Swap the bright lights of Sydney city for the golden sands and rolling waves of the exclusive 'Spot X' and laid back Byron Bay and learn to surf waves like the pros.

From $995