Want to travel New Zealand at your own pace without the restrictions of a set overland tour? Then we have the perfect solution for you! Explore all of the best things to do in New Zealand with our amazing range of flexible, hop-on-hop-off bus passes!

These bus passes have all the advantages of a set tour (having your own tour guide, meeting amazing people, seeing the best locations, etc), but allow you to jump off the bus route and stay longer in any location you want! The passes are valid for a whole year so are perfect if you're not sure what your plans are as they allow you maximum flexibility and freedom.

We can offer a great range of options with Stray and Kiwi Experience so Contact Us today and we will sort you out with the best option for you! We've even partnered with Tourism New Zealand to put together some incredible, exclusive deals to make sure you have the very best time in New Zealand. 

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